What is Dry Cleaning Process? Is it Better than Washing?

What is Dry cleaning Process?

Some clothes are made for special occasions, which makes your celebration perfect. And you don’t want those clothes get damaged in washing. Then Dry cleaning process does their work, a process of cleaning where textiles and clothes are being cleaned by solvent(chemical) insted of water.That’s why dry cleaning is expensive.

Though dry cleaning process involves liquid, clothes has been soaked by water-free chemical. However, dry cleaning is a very useful and convinient way to remove dust from clothes, most of the people don’t know “what is dry cleaning process?”

In this post I have covered full process and also what are the chemicals used to dry cleaning.

How does dry cleaning work?

The core of the dry cleaning machine is basketor drum, as same as washing machine. The basket of dry cleaning machine can hold about 11 to 41kg. Then the chamber is filled one-third with solvent, and begin to rotate. The temperature of solvent should be maintained at 30 °C. The solvent passed through the filtration and then it fed into separator. Where it used to separate water from solvent and them it sent into solvent tank.

The most improtant part of this is, clothes are being dry cleaning, should not have any object that damages garments or machine. Machine checks for stains and remove it. Also, sometimes it cover the buttons during the process, which makes process even better.

However, this process doesn’t remove every stains, it’s very useful technique to remove stains from imported and special garments.

At the last stage, machine start to rinse and fulfill solvent from solvent tank and it observe soil from clothes. Afterwards, the garment can be usable.

Chemicals used in Dry Cleaning

There are some chemicals used as a solvent in dry cleaning process.

  1. Perchloroethylene– also known as PCE, or tetrachloroethylene. Is the most common and convinient solvent for dry cleaning, as it’s not much toxic.
  2. Hydrocarbons– is less effective than tetrachloroethylene, but it reduce risk of fire and explosion. However, it can be rarely found (Only 10-12% remain in the market).
  3. Trichloroethylene– known as TCE, more agressive than PCE, it was used as industrial work in the past. But now it’s rarely used.

There are some other chemicals are used in dry cleaning process; Supercritical CO2, Niche etc.

Importance of Dry Cleaning

When it’s useful?

As above, some garments which made for special events, can not be washed. Washing it can damage the clothes. At that time, dry cleaning can be useful to remove dirt, stains and to clean clothes without damaging it.

The answer is, dry cleaning is useful when material of clothes can not wash.

Which clothes can not dry cleaned?

The clothes made from PVC, neoprene or Plastic-based, can not dry cleaned. Because chemicals used in this process can damage this types of materials. However, clothes made by some special leather, can be dry cleaned, but carefully.


Some symols about dry cleaning
Here are some symbols which reflect dry cleaning. Choose dry cleaning according to symbol, as your need.

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FAQ: Dry Cleaning

1. Does Dry cleaning worth it?

Sensitive fabrics can not be washed, so to maintain your special clothes, dry cleaning is worthy.

2. Do dry cleaned clothes last longer?

The chemicals used in dry cleaning, does clean cloth materials from inside. Also, it removes stains deeply. As a result, Dry cleaned clothes last long than washed clothes.

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