Is it ok to mow grass when wet? Expert Suggestion

Many gardenowners have question in their mind about, Is it ok to mow grass when it’s wet. So, we have come with the answer and reasons behind it.

This will be the end of Great debate on mowing wet grass.

Some people mow grass on early morning, when sprinkles are still there.

Absolutely, it is ok to cut the grass when it’s not dry, but there are some reasons not to do it.

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Reasons: Not to mow wet grass

1. Damage Lawn:

The very first reason for not mowing wet grass is it badly effect the lawn. According to Dr. Joey, from Clemson University, ” When someone mow wet grass, and there is a disease in the lawn, mower will spread fungal disease around the yard.” It damages the base of yard.

2. Cleaning of Grass:

Even with a sharp blade, mower do not cut the wet grass cleanly. also the uncleaned wet grass will damages the remaining grass.

3. Bad for Mower:

Mower has to work hard when grass is wet. Moreover, mowing wet grass is good, until it damages the mower and make the blades less effective.

Solutions: Still want to mow wet grass

If you still want to mow wet grass, there are some precautions you need to keep in your mind.

  1. Always test the soil before mowing wet grass.
  2. Use side discharge mode while mowing wet grass because it saves your lawn mower bag from damage of wet grass.
  3. To mow wet grass, you must set the lawn mower deck to high setting for maximum result.

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FAQ: Mow

1. Why should not cut grass when it’s wet?

You should never cut the wet grass, because it damages the base of lawn and it makes the blades of mower less effective.

2. How long should I wait to mow the grass after rain?

You must wait until the grass becomes dry. Grass takes 2 to 5 hours to be dry.

3. Does mowing wet grass effects the blades?

As above mentioned, to mowing wet grass mower has to put more efforts and it badly effects the blades of mower.

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