4 Quick steps: How to install Drop Ceiling, Easy Guide

There are lot of people who thinks, can we install drop ceiling by self? The answer is yes, but most don’t know, how to install drop ceiling. Here, I have covered materials used in install it and also 4-step process to save lot of money.

Installing drop ceiling is not that hard, except you have to avaoid a mistake, which mentioned later on this post.

Let’s get started.

Materials used

L-channel and T-channel- a metal channels shaped L, to install it around the perimeter of the the wall, below the main ceiling and T, to run perpendicular to your floor joists.

Cross T’s (2 and 4 foot)– 4-foot cross T’s will work like mini T-Channel that run parallel to your floor joists. You will need 2’x2′ tiles, to run between 4 foot cross T’s.

Drop ceiling Tiles- This is the most improtant and expensive part of drop ceiling installation. It comes in plethora of styles and colors, you can choose by your taste. It also offers sound insulation.

I personally recommend you to go with Genesis tiles, Link below.

Utility Knife and Tin Snips- Also, you’ll need tin snips and knife to cut the T and L channel and also to cut tiles.

Process of Drop Ceiling Installation

I want to highlight some steps to help you installing drop ceiling, don’t miss any steps. Or you will spoil your drop ceiling.

1. Measure your room and design drop ceiling:

To begin with, you have to measure your room and make a design how will it be. After measuring it, visit local store of hardware. Afterwards, unpack your channels before 1 day of installation, so it can acclimate to the temperature.

2. L- channel installation:

Now, it’s time to real work. Measure the room from the perimeter down from the floor- joists. Use tin snips to cut corner sections to length at a 45-degree angle to make joints.

Mark the locations, and install L channels by yourself with screws. Interior corners are easy.

3. Install the T- channel and Cross T’s:

Place your T-channels according to design of room you made before. This channel will supported on L-channel and wire spaced about 3 feet apart.

After the process of hanging beam, you will need to install the T’s. Measure and cut T’s according to layout by wearing Safety glasses and gloves.

Now, you should insert your uncut cross tees in line with the border cross tees. Then, start connecting grid elements with each. At every connect you will hear an audible click. That’s a sound of connection

4. Tiles fitting:

It’s the final step of Drop ceiling installation. To cut tiles accurately, cut it according to your size of gap.

This can be done accurately handby, and after 1 or 2 cuts it’s usable. Make sure to special cuts according to your decoration products, lighting and etc.(et cetera).

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FAQ: Drop Ceiling Installation

1. Are drop ceilings waterproof?

Yes, drop ceilings are made to prevent water from leakage, and also to reduce moisture. However, it depends on material you used.

2. How much it cost to install drop ceiling?

Labor is the most expensive part of installing drop ceiling, but here you do it yourself. So it doesn’t cost anything. But the tiles you are buying could be $2/sq. ft.

3. Can we install drop ceiling in basement?

The answer is absolutely yes, But your basement must have dry walls. And you can do it.

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