Should I wear Sunglasses? 3 Reasons of Wearing it

Many people have question that “Should I wear sunglasses?”. The simple answer is yes, you should wear sunglasses ofently. According to doctor Levine- M.D., However, Sunglasses are using for fashion, it protects from UV (Ultra Violet) Rays- a rays from sunlight which badly effects our eyes.

There are plethora of companies in the market, which offers sunglasses with 100% UV blocker; Prada, Pit Viper, Ray Ban and many more. I have mentioned some guidance to buy sunglasses and also listed some best picks.

When to wear Sunglasses?

As sunglasses protects eyes from UV and also have other 3 pros, mentioned below. We should wear sunglasses daily, no matter weather is sunny, cloudy or rainy, we are always in connection of sun rays. Also, it’s very important to wear sunglasses while on driving, because sunglasses also save our eyes from dirt and soil.

3 benefits of sunglasses

1. Prevent Eye Disease-

Daily connection between UV rays and eyes, significantly increase the risk of eye related disease and also it reduce the growth of ratina, eyeballs, tissues of eyes and many more. And there Sunglasses plays their role, and help to prevent eye ailments.

2. Provides Better Vision-

Sunglasses not only save eyes but also it makes world beautiful. Sunglasses fill colors all around and give us better vision. Make things beautiful is also the function of Shades.

3. Avoid Headaches-

Sunglights harm eyes and it may trigger ache in head, also known as, migraines. If you have problem of headache, you must buy sunglasses which blocks UVA and UVB rays, and feel you comfort.

Buying Guide: Sunglasses

UV grade: Sunglasses are made to protect from Ultra Violet rays, so you should buy sunglasses, are 100% of UV protection.

Polarize: All are polarized which reduce light glare and eyestrain. Because of this, they improve vision and safety in the sun.

Material: Sunglasses comes in different materials such as plastic, fiber and so on. Be sure about material you are buying.

Best Picks of Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Rb3548n Hexagonal Flat Lens Sunglasses

Price: $105.85 (Save 35%)

14 colors and deigns available

Crystal lens


UV Protection Coating coating

Prada PR19WS Rectangle for Men + Eyewear kit

Prada PR19WS Rectangle Sunglasses for Men + Eyewear kit
Price; $355
5 various colors available
Lens Width: 52 Millimeters
Plastic frame
Plastic lens

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FAQ: Should I wear Sunglasses?

1. Can I wear sunglasses all the time?

Wearing sunglasses all the time is harmful as it do not make any contact to sunlight. You should not wear sunglasses all the time. You need 1500- wavelenghts for your eyes.

2. Do sunglasses make you look better?

Yes, when you put appropriate sunglasses on your face, it positively impact on your beauty. And also it attract attention of everyone.

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