How to Make Money from YouTube Shorts? | Best Ways to Make Money from YouTube Shorts

There are many trusted ways available on the internet to earn money from mobile, the same methods include YouTube, but some of those who want to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube have a problem that they cannot upload long videos. If he finds or wants to make a video without showing his face, then his new platform has been launched by the name of YouTube Shorts, in today’s post I will tell you that How to make money from YouTube Shorts 2022 (How to make money with YouTube Shorts 2022). If you read this post completely then you will get complete information about YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a very good source to earn money online, you can also do it in Part Time because here you are only uploaded videos up to 60 Seconds, for which if you are absolutely right in terms of making and editing videos. Even if you do not have to make a video, it can take up to two hours, if you do not do any work now, then you can quickly grow the YouTube Shorts Channel by uploading 2-3 videos daily, just for that you have to stay regular for shorts. Video has to be uploaded.

Whenever you turn on YouTube Trending Section and watch it, you will always find some YouTube Shorts Video in Trending, within 3-4 days, many channels reach millions of views if you are also on YouTube. Tired of making long videos and you are not getting more views, then you can start earning money by creating YouTube Shorts Channel.

Make Money form youtube shorts
Make Money from Youtube

How to earn money from YouTube Shorts?

By using YouTube Shorts, you can earn at least ₹ 7500 i.e. from $100 to millions of rupees every month, for this, first of all you need to know that how money is earned from YouTube Shorts, it depends on you. How do you monetize your YouTube Shorts Channel, in this post, we have told you about all the methods of YouTube Shorts Monetization available to you.

You can earn more money by using all these methods, now if you do not understand which category to make shorts videos, then before this we have also told you about YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas in which You have been told about some Low Competition YouTube Shorts Channels category.
When you create a channel on these categories, then you can get good views in a very short time because very few videos have been made on this type of category.

When you want to earn money from the internet or in any offline way, then you should have complete knowledge about that work, otherwise it often happens that we start that work but we do not get good results. Leave it soon, if you also do not want to make such a mistake, then first of all we should know the
complete information about YouTube Shorts.

How To Upload YouTube Shorts Video?

To upload shorts video on YouTube channel, first you have to create a YouTube channel, we have already given you information about how to create YouTube channel and if you have already created YouTube channel then it is very good. The thing is.
Now let us know how to upload YouTube shorts videos from mobile:-

  1. First of all, you have to start YouTube application on your mobile.
  2. Now after that you will see a (+) Plus Icon, click on it, then after that click on Create A Short.
  3. After this, if you want to record a short video at the same time, you can make a video by turning on the recording button.
  4. Or if you have already made a video and want to upload it, then in that case you have to go to the gallery and upload the video.
  5. Now a preview of whatever video you uploaded will be shown, in which you have to add any text or if you want to apply a filter, then that can be done after doing all the things, you can click on Next.
  6. Now you have to write Caption and Description for YouTube Shorts Video.
  7. Finally, after clicking on the button with Publish, that short video of yours will start uploading.

So in this way you can upload short videos on YouTube channel, Now Let’s know about how to earn money from YouTube Shorts after this.

Ways To Make Money With YouTube Shorts.

How to make Money from youtube shorts

There are still most people who are uploading shorts videos on YouTube, but they do not know about the way to earn money from it, that is why they are not able to earn much money, so here we have given you some similar YouTube video Shorts Monetization has been told about.

1. YouTube Shorts Fund:

So far, YouTube Shorts is the only short video platform that is paying its creators. Many video creators make videos on Instagram reels too, but they do not get any money from Instagram.
You can get from $100 to $10,000 in YouTube Shorts Fund, it depends on how many views came on your Shorts Video in the last 1 month like now you started uploading YouTube Shorts Video in the month of July and Even if your videos are viral, then an email comes in between 8-10th of the month of August in the Shorts Fund of that month.
In which you are told that how much money you have received for all the views that have come on your channel last month, you have to claim Shorts Fund by 25th of the same month, if you have not claimed it,then you are not able to get it again, that’s why you have to claim that money carefully before the 25th.
For that, you have to click on the Claim button given in the email and after a short process, that money is added to your Google Adsense, now you will get this money in your bank account between 21st to 26th of the month.
Important Point: – After creating a Google Adsense account, fill all the details of your bank correctly, if any detail is wrong, then your money will not be able to reach the bank.
One more thing we also tell you that YouTube Shorts gives $100 on how many views, then the answer is that if 2 Million Views come on your YouTube channel within 1 month then you can get $100 for that.

2. Google Adsense:

Many of you must be well aware that Google Adsense is the most used way to earn money from YouTube channel, now you people must be thinking that when Ads are not shown on YouTube Shorts Feeds. So why is Google Adsense giving money?
So friends, it is not necessary that views always come from Shorts Feeds on Shorts Video, it has been seen that many times views also come from Browse Feature, Search, Channel Pages or External Source.
Any short videos on which views come from these above mentioned sources, then Google Adsense ads are also shown on them, that’s why you also get paid for Ads and you will know very well about it when Google Adsense starts YouTube monetization it will get you paid.

3. Brand Promotion:

Within 1 day of uploading a video on YouTube Shorts, even 10 million people can come, so in such a situation, the brand benefits the most, in which they reach more and more people about their brand or product within a short time. Can
Anyway, the brand is looking for similar YouTube creators who can make their product reach more people, in return, those people also give you Amount or the product as well as whatever would have been a deal between you and the brand.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

You must know the meaning of Affiliate Marketing, in which we have to sell the product online, all the products you use to make videos, put all those Affiliate Links in the description of the video, then when anyone clicks on that link, buy it, you will get its commission.
This is just an example, similarly you can get Top 5 Earphones Under Rs. 500, Best Smartphones For Gaming By making similar videos, you can earn money by selling your Affiliate Links products there.

5. Promote Your Offline Business:

When you have to promote any of your business on the Internet, then you have to spend lakhs of rupees for it, if I tell you that you can do the same work for free, then maybe you will not believe but you can use YouTube Shorts or Similarly, you can earn good money by promoting your offline business by making videos on the Short Videos Platform.
You must have also seen many such videos where Food Vendors upload their Food Challange videos and they get millions of views and in all those videos they have also been told the address of their shop so that the people around them also come to them.
Or in the same way, if you have any other business like Photography, Institute, Body Supplement Powder.Etc, then you can promote them through your YouTube Shorts Videos.

Conclusion: How to Make Money from Youtube shorts

So friends, these were the 5 best ways to earn money from YouTube Shorts, using them, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees every month, in today’s post we have told you about how to earn money from YouTube Shorts. That you must have liked it, if you want to learn more such things related to Online Earning, then keep supporting us in the same way.

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